Ahoy, Mateys & Mermaids!

by Monday, May 22, 2017

My soon be three year old requested a mermaid party. All little girls love mermaids and thus mermaid parties, right? But this sweet little girl has two older brothers and is in a preschool class full of boys, so we had to switch things up a bit. More mermaids than mateys, we made sure that there was something fun for everyone.


Most pirate and mermaid parties lean more towards pirates or disney characters, neither of which were the right feel. But, I found an adorable mermaid invite by Invited by Audriana and she was kind enough to customize it a bit to add a just touch of pirate by adding the hat.

Mermaid Birthday Invitation


The boys (or girls if they wanted) made their own pirate hats and played around with swords and eye patches. The little girls had starfish wands and got to decorate their own mermaid tails. (I ended up making these myself out of cardboard, shimmery green paper and ribbon.)


Make Your Own Pirate Hat and Mermaid Tail


But everyone’s favorite activity was creating their very own art sand bottles. This activity could work for lots of different theme parties not just a mermaid party. You can buy the colored sand in bulk, and pick up various containers at your local Michaels or Hobby Lobby type store. I used plastic condiment bottles to make pouring a little less messy.




We tried to beat the Texas head with a party early in the day, so the menu consisted of mermaid party approved bites: pirates booty, seaweed dip (spinach artichoke dip), driftf wood (aka pretzels), shark teeth (aka cheese), and watermelon star fish. The sweat treats came next – cupcakes, cotton candy sticks, and party popcorn. Just enough to send all the little mermaids and mateys home on a sugar high.


Mermaid Party Food

Party Popcorn


We opted for cupcakes instead of a cake this year – simple enough to make at home but still yummy and color coordinated!


Still can’t believe my baby is three!


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