Party Popcorn

by Thursday, September 15, 2016

We love popcorn. We love chocolate. We love sprinkles. So of course, we love party popcorn!

Sometimes the simplest things are the best. Party Popcorn falls into that category. It was a last minute add to Evie’s birthday party menu but it was probably the most popular sweet treat. Not to mention I found some little people sneaking into the pantry to snag the leftovers!

Party Popcorn, Chocolate, Sprinkles

Party popcorn really couldn’t be simpler to make – pop some popcorn, melt some chocolate, sprinkle some sprinkles. Voila!

Party Popcorn with Chocolate and Sprinkles

Now please, do not use microwave popcorn. I know it seems yummy, but really it’s gross. Homemade popcorn is sooooo easy to make and way healthier. It honestly takes less time than making a bag of whatever is inside that microwaveable bag. If you just can’t do it yourself, at least pick up a bag of store bought popcorn that has less than three ingredients.


I used rainbow sprinkles, but you could easily pick colors that match your party theme or any holiday. Red and green for christmas. Pinks and reds for Valentine’s Day. Or use regular dark chocolate and orange sprinkles for Halloween. You get the idea.


It’s a great make ahead item – the chocolate drizzle needs time to cool and harden anyways and it keeps pretty fresh for a week or so in an air tight container.


If you want an actual recipe, check out A Side of Sweet.




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