Chic Halloween Decor

by Thursday, October 20, 2016

Chic Halloween Decor – is there even such a thing? Every year, my kids get more and more amped-up about Halloween. I imagine the heightened excitement will continue for several more years before dropping off dramatically. It’s fun to see them get so excited about costumes, and making a ‘spooky’ porch. Decorations are even trickling inside this year – bats and spider webs in the boys’ room, and a few glittery skulls might be part of our dining room décor now.


I try to limit the truly cheesy décor as much as possible. I want to be festive and I’m up for any celebration, but I really don’t want to look like a craft store threw up in my house. No offense to craft stores, of course. I might be the only one in my house who’s going for the chic halloween decor look, but that’s ok.


So for those of you not up for a full on haunted house but want to play along, here are ten quick and cool Halloween ideas to help get everyone in the mood.


Black Boa Wreath

The first one has to be the black feather wreath. I’m only a little crafty and this is literally the easiest thing to make. I used a wicker wreath and wrapped two black boas around it. The sticks make it easy to tuck in pieces so I didn’t need glue or tacks or any other supplies to make it stay. Add a ribbon to hang it and you’re done.

Black Feather Boa


Black Bats

No assembly required – just add a little sticky to the back and they work anywhere. Around a door, over the mantle or even on your table like these from Hester & Cook. I found pop out bats from Target and Jo-Ann’s but Ella Claire Inspired has several templates you can use to make your own.

Photo from Hester & Cook

Photo from Hester & Cook


Black Candles

Switching out a few color or white candles for black ones, gives just enough of a nod to the dark side.


Photo from


Rice Crispy Treat Monsters

I’m always on the lookout for easy kitchen projects for the littles. These monster rice crispy treats from One Little Project would make for a great playdate activities or lunchbox surprise. My kids always love edible eyes.

Rice Crispy Treat Monsters


You’re Fangtastic

Need a break from all the candy? How fun are these guys?  Perfect for Halloween party favors, or treats for the kids at school. And they don’t become part of the décor. You can download the printable for free from Love the Day.

FANGtastic Halloween Idea & Free Printable


Monocromatic Mantle

Depending on the color scheme of your house, a massive pop of orange can be a bit distracting. But this white and silver mantle is super sophisticated and could easily transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving.

White and silver pumpkin mantle


Black Out

Talk about chic….black matte pumpkins are cool and creepy. Pumpkins + black matte spray paint and voila!

black matte pumpkin

Photo by Sweet Paul Mag blog


Go for the Gold

Gold is another one of those things that will last beyond Halloween. Gold leaf, gold spray paint or just a few gold studs. Skip the orange and use this warm metallic to trick up your house.

black studded-pumpkin

Visit Spraypaint and Chardonnay for details.


Gold pumpkins

Visit for more details.


Moody Flowers

Flowers are my favorite way to set a mood. And while pumpkin flower arrangements are always classy, try something unexpected with dark flowers and rough textures. Gives just the right nod to holiday decorating while keeping your house chic and sophisticated.

Moody Halloween Flower Arrangements

Photo from


Pour Yourself a Pumpkin Margarita

Ok, not really a styling idea, but even adults deserve a holiday treat! And while I may not be a PSL fan, I’ll try any kind of margarita, even a pumpkin one. You can find the recipe from Town & Country Magazine here.

Pumpkin Margarita


Happy Halloween!





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