Cute and Clever DIY Valentines

by Monday, January 25, 2016

I’m so glad the world is full of people who are more creative than me! I have a great eye for catching clever and charming ideas, but coming up with them….not so much.


That’s where Pinterest comes in quite handy. Pinterest can be overwhelming and a total time suck, I know. But there are some really awesome and do-able ideas out there, especially when it comes to cute Valentines, shared by those creative people I mentioned earlier.


I’ve had great luck finding funny and unique Valentines ideas that really only take a tiny bit of planning.


Love You Latte

One of my absolute favorites is Tom Kat Studio’s Love You Latte gift idea. It’s my go-to for teacher valentines. And since my kids are with a new teacher every year, this never gets old! I’m always rushing in and out of drop off and never spend as much time as I would like thanking these precious preschool teachers for all they do, so I like to take a little extra effort when holidays come around.


Next time you are at Starbucks (or your favorite local coffee shop) pick up a gift card, and just as for an extra cup and wrapper. I found it easier to attach the label to wrapper that already fits the cup.

Love You Latte Valentine / Valentines

Love You Latte printable wrap  // Stripped Straws // Crinkle Cut Paper Shreds


And yes, I’m that mom who makes Valentines for her kids. But seriously, they’re little guys and don’t really care about it yet. But they get so excited about anything so I’m happy to do it. Soon enough, I’ll make them do their own.


I Wheelie Like You

Boys and their cars…but this is a cute one for girls too. I will warn you that tying matchbox cars to paper is not the easiest thing to do.

I Wheely Like You Valentine / Valentines

I Wheelie Like You printable // Baker’s Twine // Matchbox cars

Whopee it’s Valentine’s Day!

I think the adults had more fun with these than the kids – they were too young to get it. But as soon as they did….well you can image what happens when little boys discover whoopee cushions.

Whoopie Valentine - Valentines

Whoopee Valentine’s printable // Mini Whoopee Cushions // Baker’s Twine



You’re the Balm

I work mostly with women, so Simple As That Blog’s ‘You’re the Balm’ valentine was a no brainer. Cute, clever, and includes a coveted EOS lip balm.

You're the Balm Valentine (Valentines)

You’re the Balm labels // EOS lip balm // BAKERS TWINE


What are you favorite Valentine ideas?


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